Casting and Fishing Workshops

For the more experienced angler, we offer clinics that specialise in dealing with problems and casting faults. They also provide an opportunity to learn these advanced techniques and associated fishing styles:

Single handed Casting instruction includes overhead, roll, double haul, slack line casts, roll and Spey casts and coping with windy conditions.

Double Handed Casting includes overhead, single and double Spey casting, and snake roll, snap T and circle; and introduction to some of the Skagit casts

Salmon and Seatrout Primers: a short introduction to the theory, practice and philosophy of fishing for migratory fish together with the associated specialist roll and Spey casting techniques.

Saltwater Fly Fishing: Are you planning a trip to the Caribbean for bone-fish? Come for some practice with the tackle, flies and techniques required for this most demanding but exciting fly-fishing.

Here is a list of the principle casts used in fly fishing.

Roll cast
Overhead cast
Single & double haul
Single Spey
Double Spey
Snake roll
Snap T
Circle C
Underhand cast
Skagit casts
Belgium cast
Parachute cast
Pile cast
Wiggle cast
Reach cast
Curve cast
Tuck cast
Hook cast